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GIANT Croc.. @ Penapar Tut…

Posted by Diney on Wednesday, January 9, 2008


3 Responses to “GIANT Croc.. @ Penapar Tut…”

  1. SoulJah said

    Haha, kajar2 chief on the last photo? Macam sedia kan lari saja.

  2. DINEYfoto said

    lee bukan nya kan lari… buaya atu d sebarang.. biasalah lens 200mm sj trdpat.. atu pic d resaiz sj ke bsar hehe.. klu ada 400mm bleh tu…

  3. anibrahim said

    finally!! i get to see the croc that org bisingkn ani..maybe she’s related to the one my uncle bumped into masa banjir in dec ah..d penapar jua..*gulp* that’s hell of a big croc! =D

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