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~Engagement Party~

Posted by Diney on Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thnx to Nz & Sofy join DINEYfoto & also thnx to Yvonne taken our pic… nice shoot🙂

8 Responses to “~Engagement Party~”

  1. yvonne said

    hahaha i can become photographer sudah.hahahhahaha bah ku bali nikon ah… then join u all katik2 siok eh ahhaha then u ajar me ah

  2. Diney said

    hai Yvonne.. thnx vsiting my blog… & Tahniah 4 u & walter… bah bali tah jgn nada ah.. hehe..

  3. hi yvonne & walter. hehee congratulations! i really enjoyed myself mengambar last night, heehee. byk cali cali. heehee. love the dance performance jua. heehee.

  4. Diney said

    TAHNIAH to Nz pasal ada flash baru SB800 hehehe

  5. yvonne said

    hehehe bah see la bila.. me pun kn join u guys. u guys siokk! hehee.. thanks so much ya. me lanja kamu esuk dinner ok! =D

  6. eh baru ku realise ah, mcm tangga tani begambar. lols!!! aku paling pindik. tsssskkkk…

  7. DINEYfoto said

    hahaha.. nda lagi mcm tanga

  8. DINEYfoto said

    Yvonne.. i will msg u 2morow🙂

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