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convocation 22.04.09 (update)

Posted by Diney on Thursday, April 23, 2009



6 Responses to “convocation 22.04.09 (update)”

  1. Nur said

    aiiiii…cali e gmbr adik. nada yg labih rugged g kh selain gmbr atu?hahahaha

  2. Diney said

    hai dik! hmm yg rugged?? ada eh bayar dulu bru tah liat kan hahahahaha……

  3. Nur said

    gambar adik tu iatah gmbr yg nda ikhlas kn senyum bh..hahahahha

  4. Diney said

    kandit kali ah… hahahaha

  5. emz said

    lawa2 ehh gmbar convo atu 🙂

  6. DINEYfoto said

    thnx emz… u bila convo? hehehe

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