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BERSANDING ~ Ratni & Aliakbar (update)

Posted by Diney on Monday, January 11, 2010

5 Responses to “BERSANDING ~ Ratni & Aliakbar (update)”

  1. HBK said

    lawa bro…. me like like 1st pic… bila th kan mengajar ni editing ah…. greats sets that’s how the pro’s work… 4 thumbs up to you…🙂

  2. Diney said

    thnx.. tungu tah tahun dapan lpas ko bwa aku naik perahu ah hehehe………

  3. Baby49 said

    o bli dulu 5D.. paling randah tah 7D lah.. cemana HBK? ok?

  4. Diney said

    wah mun 5D.. memang ke JC pun pyah ni hahahah

  5. Diney said


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