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NEW Wedding Package for 2011


32 Responses to “NEW Wedding Package for 2011”

  1. M. Khairul Anwar said

    Dear Diney Foto.. I have browse tru ur site, and I would like to discuss further on your service. FYI, my cuzn introduce me to your site and it will be very much appreciated if you could spare some time to discuss a few things on your services.

    You can contact me via email at adkhairs@admin.ubd.edu.bn OR k_a326@hotmail.com OR contact my h/p No. 8848717.

    An additional info for you, I am currently looking for a photographer for my ‘Tunang and Menghantar Berian’ which will be held on the 08/08/08.

    Your kind reply is very much appreciated.

    Thank You

  2. DINEYfoto said

    hi.. tq visiting my blog.. insyallah i will cntek u bck..

  3. fauziana hj latif said

    Dear Diney foto, regardless from your promotion wedding package,i’m kind interest to slot you in my wedding ceremony.Are you available on 25/12/2008 til 28/12/2008.may i know how much if i took 4 events for my ceremony..tq hope to hear you soon.

  4. DINEYfoto said

    askum fauzina.. thnx visiting my blog.. cn u email me ur mobile no to dineyfoto@yahoo.com & insyallah i will cal u bck..

  5. diney said

    hi fauziana.. pls email me ur hp no or cal me 8824345… tq

  6. fauziana hj latif said

    hi diney,I have reply to your private email,pls checked..tq..Im still waiting from your feed back..tq

  7. DINEYfoto said

    ok tq..

  8. Mai said

    hi, will u b available for 2nd-4th january 2009?

  9. Diney said

    hai mai.. thnx vsiting my blog.. btw can gime me ur email or u can email me dineyfoto@yahoo.com


  10. hai,salam perkenalan dari malaysia photographer

  11. DINEYfoto said

    thnx visiting my blog.. slam perkenalan jua.. 🙂

  12. miss.. said

    hi..how much u charge if 2 events sja? majlis nikah n sanding only..

  13. Diney said

    hy miss.. thnx vsiting my blog.. btw can u email me dineyfoto@yahoo.com

    thnx 😉

  14. miss said

    i’ve rply to ur mail..juz check ok..thnks

  15. Diney said


  16. shaa said

    diney do u do Pre Wed photoshot? i mean i nd photographer for Pre Wed saja… b4 my Wedding day…

  17. Diney said

    hai Shaa..

    yap me buat prewed kalu ada yg mau.. but dlm my pakage memang nda me buat prewed… 😉

  18. Hasnalwi said

    Hello, i am a Malaysian, i got recomended by a friend of yours to visisit this website. I will get married with my tunang here in Brunei in November 22. I’m just wondering is you would be available to photograph my wedding day? So if possible can we make arrangement to meet up when i come to Brunei on the 16th of October. My budget for photographing for my wedding is around 3k, and i want to know what i can get from your work. Please let me know as soon as you can, Thank you very much.

  19. Diney said


    thnx vsiting my blog… 22nd Nov im free.. ok if u cme here (brunei) jst call me or msg me @ 8824345.. so we cn arrange whne we meet..


  20. yate said

    akum diney,
    aku ada email kita. but alum kita reply, aku masa ani still on survey for prices. pls let me know ok. Thanks

  21. Diney said

    wasalam Yate…

    u c Dafinah kah…if u c Dafinah aku sudah email blik tpi yg lain alum ada.. pls email me blik arah dineyfoto@yahoo.com & dineyfoto@gmail.com..


  22. yate said

    me mail u balik dah at dua2 email u. btw im not dafinah.. salah org tah kita kali 2

  23. Diney said

    so tht mean.. nda ku terima email dri mu.. psal c Dafinah sja yg ada betnya psal wedding pakge.. bah aku cuba chek lgi.. smtime email ani pndai laging jua hehe…

  24. Diney said

    Yate ~ ada email ku?

    anywy thnx visiting my blog jua 🙂

  25. yate said

    Yup ada, Thanks 2 u jua 4 replying back

  26. DarkVader said

    Assalamualaikum, kan tanya kita ambil family photo jua kah?? May I know price?


  27. cena said

    salam, kalo kita mengambil photoshoot utk graduation day brapa?

  28. Diney said

    darkVader ~ pls email me.. dineyfoto@gmail.com

    Cena ~ wasalam.. sory nda me meliat msg d sni.. jst esmil me kalu alum terlambat.. dineyfoto@gmail.com


  29. Hi Diney Photo,
    Nice set of wedding photo collection, keep up bro…!

  30. witocepizqi said

    Her mouth wasvery dry. Name it didnt want it made her heeledshoes. Anita.

  31. emhosa said

    . By the bed. Thats why losing kevinfrom my usual white blouse, when i.

  32. Tin said

    salam… email me more about your wedding rates. thanks.

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